Online Turkish Cookery Course

Online Turkish Cookery Course
Learn how to make Turkish home-made delicious foods…How about starting by choosing one of the
following food as below;

***Delicious Homemade Turkish Mantı – Turkish ravioli

***Çiğ Börek – Deep-fried water thin dough with raw minced meat filling
Ayran – A drink made of yogurt and water

***Gül Börek – Pastry with lamb meat
Çerkez Tavuğu – Chicken with walnuts/ Circassian chicken
Mercimek çorbası kemik suyu ile – Lentil soup with bone broth (Demonstration)

***Mezes or Vegetable in Olive Oil like Barbunya, Humus, Mücver, Eggplant Salad, Kısır, Yaprak
Sarma / Biber Dolma (Stuffed Vegetables with Herbs and Spices)

***Köfte or Kadınbudu Köfte Rice

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